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After a year and a half of disruption, we are so excited to restart regular forró classes and we have A PLAN!

Whether you are already a forrozeiro or simply looking forward to discovering a new hobby where you can meet cool new people and learn something fun, we hope you can't wait either...

🎵 11 weeks of classes from September to December
🎵 New schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday!
🎵 New venues! Two new rooms near Flagey (Tues & Wed) and cosy Salle Dublin (Thurs)
🎵 Register in 2 phases: Register now, pay in August
🎵 No partner required (but you can still register with one if you want)
🎵 Practice time planned between each class (Covid measures permitting of course)
🎵 We have something fun brewing for Sundays (More info later this summer...)

Some of these details will depend on the covid measures in force at the time. But this is our starting point and we will do everything in our power to ensure we can maintain the plan as close to this as possible, while keeping everyone safe of course 😉


Take a look at the image above for a quick and easy overview of the programme!

We also have something special brewing for Sunday evenings. More information to follow later in the summer...!


✔️ 11 weeks of classes
✔️ Starting the week of 13th September
✔️ Finishing on 9th December
✔️ 1 week break for bank holidays/Toussaint

All classes are in English with Sarah unless otherwise specified

🕗 Level 1: Tuesday 19h | Thursday 19h30 (in French with Hélène)

🕗 Level 2: Tuesday 20h15 | Wednesday 19h

🕗 Level 3: Wednesday 20h15




📌 Tuesday: Maison Malibran, Rue de la Digue 10 → Salle à Tout (a beautiful big room on the first floor)

📌 Wednesday: Maison Malibran, Rue de la Digue 10 → Espace Bar on the ground floor (with a classy black & white floor)

📌 Thursday: Salle Dublin, Rue de Dublin 13 → a cosy, quirky room many of you already know!



There will be two phases of registrations this year:

1️⃣ Reserve your place: Open now!

Click here to register

This is where you express your interest for a specific time and group and your place is blocked!

2️⃣ Pay & confirm: starts 16th August

Around 16th August we will share the most up to date information that we have regarding the covid measures likely to be in force for the trimester, partner changing, and details of what we do if covid gets in the way of our beautifully laid plans again!


To confirm your place, you just have to make payment. If this doesn't suit you, no stress - just let us know and we'll make your place available to someone else.


Beginners can also register now and then make their final decision after the Open Door sessions - we'll share more information about this on 16th August as well.


Given the upheaval of the last year and a half, we recommend that previous students register for the same level as in September 2020. We will adapt the content to the students in the group, and we'll use this trimester to reconnect and rebuild before potential level changes in January!

New students are strongly recommended to start with Level 1 ;-)

If you already dance forró but you're a new student in Brussels, get in touch - we'll do our best to orient you to the most suitable level.

If you have any questions, let us know via email (dance@sarahforro.com)


We have all of our fingers and toes crossed that changing partners will be possible for this trimester!
(It makes walking rather difficult but we think it's worth it!)

‼️ You register INDIVIDUALLY - no need to have a partner! ‼️

We also want to be prepared just in case restrictions limiting contact are reintroduced in the autumn - because we don't think anyone can handle another 6 months of no forró! So you might like to think about who you would dance with if the number of close contacts are limited in the autumn.
👉 This should be someone dancing the opposite role and planning to register for the same group of course!
👉If you have a partner in mind, there is a space in the registration form where you can fill in their name.
👉If you don't have anyone in mind, that's fine - just leave this space blank and we'll cross that bridge if it comes to it.


If you would prefer to stay with a fixed partner all trimester, that's also possible. In that case, please find a partner before you register and indicate "Fixed Partner" next to their name on the form. 


We will ensure there is a good balance of leaders & followers in each group & we'll update you on the status of changing partners on 16th August when we hit phase 2 of registrations.