Registration and Payment


To join the forró classes, you and your partner both need to fill in this form individually:

By registering, you accept these terms and conditions.

It is not possible to be reimbursed for missed classes, or to transfer them to the next term.


Payment should be made by bank transfer to the following account. If you are unable to pay via bank transfer, please email us at

Sarah Collings / IBAN : BE42 3770 6973 5054  / BIC : BBRUBEBB

Communication: Last name + Level X + day of the class

(Replace X with 1, 2 or 3 depending on your level)

You will receive this information via email once we have received your registration and your partner's registration form.

Reservation of your place

Your place is only reserved once both your payment and your partner's payment have been received. Some levels may reach full capacity so we recommend paying as soon as possible to guarantee your place.


Late payment

If payment is not settled by the fourth week of class, we have to charge an additional administrative fee of 20 euros. If you register before the start of term, the four weeks are counted from the first class (not including the Open Door sessions). If you register after the start of term, the four weeks are counted from the date of registration. You will receive a reminder after two weeks.

Coronavirus Protective Measures


In order to ensure the forró trimester can progress as smoothly as possible and fully respect the covid measures, we have put in place four scenarios:


Scenario A: Mix it up! -> classes in the studio, with some changing of partners possible for those who wish


Scenario B: Get exclusive! -> classes in the studio, contact with a fixed partner only, social distancing with other participants and the teachers


Scenario C: Change of scenery! -> classes taught live online, partners arrange to meet up at one of their homes to follow the class together. A video recording of the class may be made available, to be confirmed if Scenario C is activated.


Scenario D: Expand horizons! -> in case of a full or near-full lockdown preventing partners who don't live together from meeting up, classes will be taught live online with a variety of topics proposed to cater to all tastes. Students will be invited to choose the option which most appeals to them.

We will monitor the situation and the government regulations regularly, in order to take the decision when to move from one scenario to another. We will fully respect the government regulations and apply any additional measures we deem necessary to ensure the well-being of our participants, teachers and assistants. Any change of scenario will be communicated to the students in class or via email.

By registering, you accept all four scenarios and agree to participate in the course regardless which scenario is "active". Cancellations and refunds will not be accepted due to any change of scenario.

Measures in place

The measures currently in place (last updated on Saturday 8th August) are the following:

  • Everyone must wash their hands before entering the classroom (both gel and soap and water are available).

  • Anyone who is not feeling well must not attend class.

    • We are looking into how we can provide catch-up content for anyone affected by this requirement.

  • The teacher and assistants will be wearing face masks.

  • Students must wear a face mask upon arrival until the class starts, and put their mask back on once class finishes.

  • Group sizes will be limited to provide each couple with more space to dance at a safe distance from others.

  • Students are requested to avoid touching surfaces, handles etc as much as possible.

  • There will be a gap of 15 minutes between classes to avoid crowding the dance studio and allow for ventilation and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces.


We are currently in scenario B which means we will be dancing with fixed partners (last updated on Saturday 8th August).


This list will not be updated during the trimester. All changes will be communicated directly to the students registered in the classroom and - if required by the nature of the changes - via email. To receive further information on the measures current in place at any point during the trimester, please contact us via email at


Tracing measures

We are legally required to collect the contact details of all students (full name, email, home address and telephone number) for covid tracing purposes. They will not be used for any other purpose. They will be kept until 14 days after the last class of the trimester and then destroyed.

This is a legal requirement and if you do not provide this information, we cannot accept your registration.


When you register for any one of our forró courses, we ask you to provide your full name and your email address.


We use these contact details to:

A. Send you information about the course you signed up for: for example, to confirm your registration, to inform you of any changes or updates to the course, to request payment.

B. Share additional content relevant to the course you signed up for: for example, songs to listen to at home, interesting dance videos mentioned in class, additional exercises for the super motivated among you, etc.

C. Send you information about future forró courses or events: for example, to inform you registrations are opening for a new trimester, to promote a workshop or event we are supporting or teaching at.

D. Share bonus content about forró more generally: for example, cultural resources, forró history, and other reflections.


We will never share this information with any other organisation or third party. The one and only exception to this is if we are legally required to provide a list of class attendees to the Covid track and trace system as described above.


You cannot opt out of point A as we need to be able to contact you while you are participating in the course. Once the course has finished, you can choose not to receive any further communication from us by sending an email to

You can opt out of points B-D individually and at any point by sending an email to

Flexibility and Advantages

We are sad to inform you that the added benefits (flexibility and more) usually available when registering for one of our forró courses have had to be severely reduced given the coronavirus hygiene measures currently in place. We will reintroduce these advantages when the hygiene measures permit.

Catching up on a class

Due to the covid situation, it is unfortunately not possible to catch-up on a missed class in a different group of the same level.


If you cannot join for the full trimester, there is a flexi-trimester option available which entitles you to 7 classes and is valid for one trimester. When your seven classes are used up, you have to pay the teacher in cash at the start of each additional class. Flexi-trimester holders receive a discount on the per class rate: 12 euros per class instead of 14 euros.


The flexi-trimester pass is valid for a single level on a specific day.

Access to lower-level classes

Due to the covid situation, it is not possible to access the lower level classes when registering for Level 2 or 3.



Starting the classes

Portes Ouvertes - Open Doors sessions

There will be four free trial classes for Level 1 at the end of August/start of September: two sessions in English and two sessions in French.

Participation in these sessions is completely free. Participants must register in advance at the following link and agree to respect the covid measures in place to ensure the safety of all.

There are no free trial classes for Levels 2 and 3.

Please note that some classes may reach full capacity in advance of or shortly after the free trial class. Participation in the free trial class does not therefore not guarantee a place for the trimester.


To guarantee a place, you can register and pay in advance of the free trial class. You have 48 hours after the free trial class to notify us via email if you do not wish to continue with the trimester and your payment will be refunded in full.


Joining the course during the trimester

- with some prior knowledge of forró

If you already have some knowledge of forró, it may be possible to join a course during the trimester depending on the current composition of the group. Send Sarah an email and she will arrange with you how best to proceed.


It is not possible to turn up at a class without prior agreement from Sarah and participate due to the covid regulations.


There is no free trial class available for students who start during the trimester; all classes should be paid for.


- without any prior knowledge of forró

If you would like to start learning forró, you can join Forró Discovery (Level 1) up to and including the third week of class if spaces remain. Send Sarah an email and she will arrange with you how best to proceed.


Students joining after the first week of class will receive one or more video links showing the key content of the classes missed. They are strongly recommended to watch these videos before joining the course to ensure they can follow the class comfortably.


There is no free trial class available for students who start during the trimester; all classes should be paid for.


Cancellation and Refunds


To cancel a registration following a free trial class, you must notify us in writing within 48 hours of the free trial class in which you participated. Your payment will be refunded in full minus an administration fee of 15%.


To cancel a registration in any other circumstances, please notify us in writing as soon as possible. Please note, that in times of covid, any cancellation automatically concerns both partners. If there is a couple on the waiting list able to take the place that you free up, you can request a refund of the remaining classes minus an administration fee of 15%. If there is no-one on the waiting list to replace you at the time of your cancellation, a refund is not possible.



Payments can be refunded or transferred in the following cases only. It is not possible to be reimbursed for missed classes, or to transfer them to the next term.


  • For administrative reasons:

    • If you register and pay for a level before receiving notification that the level is full, you will receive a full refund.

    • If a group is too small, we reserve the right to either cancel the group or merge the group with another one. If you decide to move to the new group, you have the right to cancel after the first class in the new group. If you decide not to switch groups, your payment will be reimbursed (minus any classes which already took place in the group that was cancelled and an administration fee of 15%).


Please note that in times of covid, the decision to move to a new group or not must be taken by both partners together. It is not possible for each partner to make a different decision.


  • For medical reasons:

    • If you can no longer attend the rest of the trimester for serious health reasons, you can request a refund of the remaining classes (minus an administration fee of 15%). To do so, please send us a short explanation and a copy of the doctor's note covering the entire period of absence.

    • If you miss three or more consecutive classes during a trimester for serious health reasons, you can request that the amount corresponding to your missed classes (minus an administration fee) be transferred to your payment for the next trimester. To do so, please send us a short explanation and a copy of the doctor's note covering the entire period of absence.


Please note that in times of covid, if one partner is unable to attend the class for serious health reasons, this will prevent their fixed partner from continuing to attend as well and therefore refunds can be arranged for both partners if the preceding conditions are met.



In all cases requiring a refund, the following procedure must be respected:

  • Request the refund via email (

  • Include all corresponding information (name, level, reason for refund request, bank account details) and documents (doctor's note if required) in the email

  • You will receive a reply within 7 days, and if the refund is granted, the money will be transferred to the account that you paid from within the next 14 days.