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There are lots of opportunities to practice your forró skills, not to mention getting to know the lovely forró community!

Every Sunday (except the first of the month) we meet at Salle Dublin for an evening of dancing and fun.

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We organise several workshops throughout the year, both with guest teachers and with our regular teaching team.

Check out the schedule here

This Brazilian dance is warm, friendly and fun to learn! Come alone, with a partner or with all your friends. Everyone welcome!

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Looking for an opportunity to go deeper? Sarah teaches several intensive courses in Brussels and elsewhere.

Musicality Intensive - 4-5 March 2023 - Brussels

Shoonya Zomerstage - 8-14 July 2023 - Buoux, France (SOLD OUT)

AKDT - 16-23 July 2023 - Neufchâteau, Belgium (LINK TO FOLLOW)

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