“Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room.” – Kurt Vonnegut


I'm curious!

Click here to sign up for the Open Doors Week.

Online classes are new for all of us, so we'll start with an Open Doors/Porte Ouvertes week for you to discover the online format!

This means that the first class of the series is 100% free and then you can decide whether or not you would like to sign up to follow the rest of the course.

To join one or more of the Open Door classes, please fill in this form and I'll send you the links to the Zoom meeting and to the video recording.

If you would like to learn more about how online learning works, there is more information available here (link to follow asap).

Open Door Week | Porte Ouvertes Schedule

Wednesday 3rd June

Discover Forró - Solo: 19h-20h

Discover Forró - Couple: 20h30-21h30

Friday 5th June

Let's Move - Solo: 18-18h45

Monday 8th June

Focus on Fundamentals - Solo: 19h-19h45

Tuesday 9th June

False beginners/Intermediate - Couple: 19h-20h

Intermediate/Advanced - Couple: 20h30-21h30


All video recordings from the Open Doors Week will be uploaded below! Enjoy :)

Discover Forró - Couples (Part 1)

Discover Forró - Couples (Part 2)

Discover Forró - Solo

Focus on Fundamentals - Solo

The Power of Weight Transfer

Beg/Inter Couples Class

Let's Move - Solo

Inter/Adv Couples Class