“Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room.” – Kurt Vonnegut


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Attend live on Zoom or watch the recording of the class whenever suits you.


Wednesdays: 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th June

Solo: 19h-20h

Couples: 20h30-21h30

Video Recordings

When you sign up, you will receive a password enabling you to access the video recordings on this website.


All the classes are PRACTICAL. Every class includes a warm-up, explanations and practice time.

In both the solo and couple classes, we will cover the basics of forró: basic repertoire, technique, musicality & coordination. In addition, the couple classes will address lead & response through practical exercises.

In the solo classes, for obvious reasons, we won't be able to address lead & response in a practical way. Instead, we will cover the concepts theoretically, so you are ready to put the ideas into practise once you can dance with a partner again.


The solo class is a great opportunity to develop control and awareness of your body and movements, before introducing the leader-follower dynamic. That said, I will of course provide you with video examples to put the movements we learn individually in context when dancing with a partner.


30 euros/person -> Solo course

55 euros/couple -> Couple course

NB - If you are already a forró dancer and you would like to introduce a friend/significant other to forró by participating with them in the Couples course, please get in touch with me at to arrange payment for your partner only.

Porte Ouvertes

The first class in June (Wed 3rd) is part of the Portes Ouvertes Week - this is your opportunity to try out an online class before signing up!


Fill in the form at this link and then arrange payment to the account displayed after submitting the form.


Register for the Open Doors Week here to try out a class before making a decision.


I'll create a WhatsApp group for everyone who wishes to join. The idea is to encourage group interactions: asking questions, exchanging on the exercises, feedback and more. Your input will also enrich the bonus content. Read on for more info!

Bonus Content

I'll also be providing some bonus content here and there! Some technical, some fun, some cultural... I'm excited about it! You'll receive more information via email/message after sign-up.