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Musicality Intensive | 4-5 March 2023 | Brussels

Two days...

🎵 To dive deep into the concept of musicality.
🎵 To discover new ways to listen to the music.
🎵 To explore new ways to move and connect.
🎵 To practise and have fun with a small group of enthusiastic forrozeiros.

Join us for the first musicality intensive in Brussels!

📅 Sat 4th (10h-17h30) & Sun 5th March 2023 (10h-16h30)
📌 Dojo du Brochet, rue du Brochet 55, Ixelles 1050
💶 75 euros (early bird - until Sun 12th Feb) | 85 euros (full price)

⭐ Register here: 

Read on for answers to some questions you might be asking yourself…


 What makes this different from other workshops? 

DEPTH: By taking a full weekend, we’ll have time to go deep and explore musicality in all its facets, from the technical structure to the emotional connection to the music.

CONNECTIONS: Because you’ll be working with the same group for a longer period, you’ll have time to get curious about your own musicality preferences, and to be inspired by other people’s.

EXPANSION: We want to provide you with time and space to learn and explore. We believe musicality is about expanding your range of possibilities instead of looking for a quick solution or the “right” way to be musical.


 What’s the programme? 

 Saturday 4th March - 10-17h30
Sunday 5th March - 10h-16h30

These timings include coffee and lunch breaks. The venue is close to a square with a variety of restaurants and cafés where you can buy lunch each day.

BONUS: Outside of the official schedule, there are also two social moments planned during the weekend. These are not included in the price of the Intensive and must be paid for separately.

 Friday 3rd March - Forró party at Cellule133 organised by Be Forró. Entrance usually costs approx 13 euros and there is usually live music (artist for March not yet announced).

 Saturday 4th March - Group dinner. We will book a restaurant for Saturday early evening for everyone who is following the course to eat together if they’d like to. Each person is responsible for paying for their own food and drink.


 When do registrations open? 

Friday 3rd February:

⭐ Register here: 


 How much does it cost? 

Early bird price: 75 euros per person
Full price: 85 euros per person

Early bird price applies to registrations made on or before Sunday February 12th at 23:59.

👉 Registration is for the full workshop schedule on Saturday and Sunday.
👉 The Friday party and the Saturday dinner are not included.
👉 You are responsible for your own travel, accommodation and food costs during the weekend.


It is not possible to cancel your place or request a refund after registration. You can, however, resell your ticket to another person if your plans change. If you decide to do this, please send us an email to with the name and email address of the new ticket holder 


 Who can join? 

Almost everyone is welcome! Musicality is NOT just for advanced students.


However, to fully benefit from the programme we do recommend, as a minimum, that you:


Master basic repertoire
The absolute minimum is vai e vem, balanço and some simple 3-step turns. Ideally, you would also be familiar with at least one basic variation of a caminhada, facão, pião and a five-step turn.


This means you can lead or follow these figures comfortably and without excessive “thought” required, so there is a part of your brain available to focus on other things while you execute these figures.

Have regular social dance experience
This means you have at least 6-12 months of regular forró practice, i.e. you are dancing socially around once a week for this period.

Some further thoughts about the content:
👉 The programme is designed so that everyone, whether they have been dancing for 1 year or 10 years, will be able to learn and develop their own dance.

👉 Musicality is first and foremost about listening to the music attentively and using one’s own body to interpret it, and then sharing and connecting this interpretation with one’s partner.

👉 For students with less experience, they will discover new concepts and practice applying them. Students with more experience will be encouraged to challenge themselves and access the deeper nuances of the course.


 Do I need to be following regular classes with Sarah to be able to join? 

Not at all!


 Do I need a partner? 

No, although of course you are welcome to come with a partner or friends!

When you register, we will ask you to indicate your role preferences: only follow, only lead, both roles equally, both roles but with a preference leading/following.

We’ll monitor registrations closely, and if an imbalance of leaders and followers starts to emerge we’ll create a waiting list and pause registrations to rebalance the group.

Can I see the small print?

Sure! You can find the terms and conditions here.


 Do you have any further questions?

Write to us at or Sarah Forró on Facebook and Instagram!

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