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From Level 1 to Level 2

Level 1 is where we lay the foundations for your forró journey. We want to create good habits that will allow you to learn and grow as a dancer, and correct any “bad habits” which risk holding you back in the future.

You are ready for Level 2 when you:

  • Know and can execute the following Level 1 figures confidently and correctly:

    • Vai e vem

    • Dois pra lá, dois pra ça

    • Balanço

    • Xaxado

    • Opening & closing

    • Follower turn

    • Leader turn

    • Arm lock

    • Chuveirinho

    • Laço

  • Transfer the weight on every step

  • Coordinate arm and leg movements

  • Offer a hug that is inviting and comfortable for you and your partner

  • Maintain a comfortable and functional posture during the dance

  • Consistently maintain the rhythm most of the time on slow-medium songs

  • Understand where to place the strong beat (tempo forte)

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