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Level 1: Everyone Learns to Lead & Follow a new course format for Sept 2023 and we are very excited about it!

We have long believed that the best leaders are those who listen to their partner, and the best followers are those who also share their ideas and proposals with their partner.

This course will put these values into practise from the very start of your forró journey.

No prior dance experience is needed. We will build things up slowly and clearly, giving you plenty of time to practise and integrate both roles during the classes.

Leading and following are very different roles, and offer very different pleasures - and challenges. By choosing to learn both, you will be able to:

☀️ Dance with more people
☀️ Choose the role which feels most aligned with your mood on any given day

☀️ Become a more attentive leader and a more proactive follower

☀️ Learn to embody different "ways of being" which will enhance your dancing, and your life more broadly!


To give you the best experience possible, there are few differences to our other courses:

🌻 This course runs for two trimesters Sept-Dec & Jan-March in the same time slot - 19h on Tuesdays. You will therefore complete Level 1 and Level 2 in this time.
🌻 To keep the group as aligned as possible, there is no flexi trimester option available for this course.


All the other practical information (registration link, dates, address, etc) can be found on our main class page.


To keep our accounting work as simple as possible, we invite you to make a single payment for the whole course and this includes a small discount on the usual rates ;-)

🍀 Level 1: Everyone Learns to Lead & Follow → 248 euros (one class per week for two trimesters)

276 euros (fair trade option)

We understand this might not be possible for everyone though and we don't want that to be a barrier to participation, so if you would like to pay in two instalments, please send us an email to and we'll arrange that with you.

LEVEL 1 STUDENTS: We understand you want to try things out before committing to a new hobby! And our Level 1 groups often fill up completely. So to guarantee yourself a place for the trimester, you can register and pay before attending an initiation or Open Door class. You have 48 hours (and we're strict on this) after the Open Door class you attend to notify us via email if you do not wish to continue with the trimester and your payment will be refunded in full. [See terms & conditions].

Your place is only blocked and confirmed once we have received your payment, filling in the form without making payment is not sufficient.

If for any reason there is a problem with your registration (incorrect level, group full...) we will contact you and refund you in full.

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