Forró Archaeology

Forró Archaeology

These weeks away from the dance floor is the perfect opportunity to do something a little different.

Forró Archaeology is a deep dive into forró culture with Fernando Correa, researcher, dancer, musician and expert in the culture from the north-east of Brazil.

Atenção! This is potentially the only chance to follow this course, so don't delay. Learn more right here.

Forró Archaeology is a deep dive into the origins of forró with the uniquely qualified Fernando Correa.

Using original video, musical recordings, texts, Fernando tells the story of forró. Not the simplified version you might be used to hearing - a deeper, more nuanced, complex story. Few people in the forró scene have researched and experienced the popular culture of north-eastern Brazil as extensively as Fernando, and even fewer have the ability to bring all the threads together so fluently, respectfully and in such a thought-provoking way.

In the interests of full transparency, Fernando's availability after mid-November is not yet clear so this may be one of the only opportunities you have to follow this course. If you are interested, I can only recommend you seize the opportunity!

Who is Fernando?

Fernando has done a lot of things in life - one day, ask him about juggling, Japanese, music, dancing and more. But he is first and foremost a teacher: he graduated in Physical Education and has been teaching for 21 years. He has also spent 19 years teaching forró and travelling around to spread his passion for the dance and music.

And it was this passion that brought Fernando into contact with traditional Brazilian culture. He has followed this path, getting to know the people who bring the culture to life. Men and women who carry knowledge that you can't find on Google.

Fernando shares much of his knowledge and experience in this course: always with a decolonising approach and bringing to life the voices of mestres who can tell the story of baião before Gonzaga. He also works on bringing rhythm and music alive in the body.

Practical details

Group A is meeting on the following dates, at 19-21h:

Monday 2nd Nov

Wednesday 4th Nov

Monday 9th Nov

Wednesday 11th Nov

Monday 16th Nov

Spaces still available, first come first served.

There is the possibility to form another group on different dates/times (until ~mid-November, later dates to be confirmed) if enough people are interested.

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Course Structure

5 meetings of 1h30-2h on Zoom


Small groups to facilitate interactions and questions


90 euros per person


Contact Sarah to register


Email Sarah at to express your interest as soon as possible.


Payment should be made directly to Fernando (not to Sarah's account!)


Sarah will provide the payment details when you register.