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What better way to brighten up the long dark winter nights! Forró classes are the perfect blend of hugs, laughter and music, community vibes, learning and fun.

We can't wait to get started. And whether you are already a forrozeiro or want to discover a new hobby where you can meet cool people and learn something fun, we hope you can't wait either...

For classes in Ghent, visit Shoonya Dance Centre.

Click here to register

[Covid Safe Ticket required]

Take a look at the image above for a quick and easy overview of the programme.

As soon as the covid measures allow, we will also be restarting our Sunday evening programme of práticas.


✔️ 11 weeks of classes
✔️ Starting the week of 10th January
✔️ Finishing on 31st March

All classes are in English with Sarah unless otherwise specified

🕗 Level 1: Tuesday 19h | Thursday 19h30 (in French with Hélène)

🕗 Level 2: Tuesday 20h45 | Wednesday 19h

🕗 Level 3: Wednesday 20h45

🗓️ Tuesdays: January 11, 18, Sat 29 | February 1, 8, 15, 22 | March 8, 15, 22, 29

No class on Tues 25th Jan & Tues 1st March. Substitute class on Sat 29th Jan.

Back-up date (in case we have to cancel a class during the trimester): Sun 27th March.

🗓️ Wednesdays: January 12, 19, Sat 29 | February 2, 9, 16, 23 | March 9, 16, 23, 30

No class on Wed 26th Jan & Wed 2nd March. Substitute class on Sat 29th Jan.

Back-up date (in case we have to cancel a class during the trimester): Sun 27th March.

🗓️ Thursdays: January 13, 20, 27 | February 3, 10, 17, 24 | March 10, 17, 24, 31

No class Thurs 3rd March.

Back-up date (in case we have to cancel a class during the trimester): Sun 27th March.


📌 Tuesday: Maison Malibran, Rue de la Digue 10 → Salle à Tout (a beautiful big room on the first floor)

📌 Wednesday: Maison Malibran, Rue de la Digue 10 → Espace Bar on the ground floor (with a classy black & white floor)

📌 Thursday: Salle Dublin, Rue de Dublin 13 → a cosy, quirky room many of you already know!



🍀 Full trimester → 122 euros (one class per week)

136 euros (fair trade option)

🍀 Flexi-trimester → 85 euros (7 classes, valid 1 trimester)

94 euros (fair trade option)

🍀 Double trimester → 207 euros (two classes per week)

226 euros (fair trade option


It's no secret that cultural activities have been hard hit by the pandemic. We have a fair trade price for those of you who (if your own budget allows) would like to support us by giving a little extra during this difficult time.

The fair trade option is completely optional (no pressure at all!) and works out at less than 1.30 euros extra per class.


Click here to register

[Covid Safe Ticket required]

The payment details will display after you click submit and you will also receive them via email. Please arrange for payment to be made as soon as possible and within 7 days of your registration. If we haven't received payment within this period, we will make your place available to someone else.

By registering, you confirm you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.

Every student is different and every level lasts as long as you need it to!

We believe in taking our time and helping students to achieve their full potential on the dancefloor. 

We will give you honest feedback about which level will help you learn best based on where you are right now.

As a general guide, most students will spend:

- at least 1 trimester in Level 1
- at least 2-3 trimesters in Level 2

- at least 3 trimesters in Level 3

New students are strongly recommended to start with Level 1. Even if - or especially if! - you have experience in other dance styles ;-)

Level 1 is where we lay solid foundations for the rest of your forró adventure and where you will learn how forró is both similar and different to other couple dances.

If you already dance forró but you're a new student in Brussels, get in touch - we'll do our best to orient you to the most suitable level.

If you have any questions about which level would suit you best, don't hesitate to drop us an email ( and we'll help you decide.



What are the current measures in place?

All sporting activities are currently allowed, both indoor and outdoor, with and without contact.

⚡ All students must have a valid Covid Safe Ticket for every class. 

⚡ Changing partners is allowed.

⚡ Masks must be worn before and after the activity.

⚡ Hand gel and/or soap and water must be provided for all participants to use before the class.

⚡ The venue and material used must be disinfected as necessary.

⚡ If you are unwell or have had a high-risk contact, you must stay at home.

If you would like to take extra precautions such as wearing a mask while dancing or dancing with a fixed partner, you are very welcome to do so. The most important thing is to keep dancing! If you would like to discuss this further, talk to Sarah.

These measures may change during the trimester and we will keep you up-to-date whenever anything changes.

What if the coronavirus measures change during the trimester?

Experience has shown us that trying to predict the future during a global pandemic is...unwise!

So instead of trying to plan for every possibility in advance, we will follow any changes to the measures closely and make the best decision possible with the information available at that time.


What you need to know:

📣 We will continue the classes as long as it is feasible to do so.

📣 If we need to adapt the classes to respect the measures in force:

we will make the best decision we can based on the information available at the time, and

we will prioritise the social and fun elements of our forró classes as much as possible.

📣 We will communicate all changes to you as clearly and proactively as possible.

📣 If the class format changes drastically (for example, no contact allowed, no in-person classes allowed), you will be able to decide whether you want to continue participating.

📣 You will not pay for classes which don't take place.

📣 If we interrupt the trimester, you will be able to transfer your remaining 'credit' to a future trimester, or request a pro-rata refund.

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