“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

September - December Trimester | 2020

2020-21 Classes Tri 1 - Event Cover Phot


Mondays & Wednesdays

Fred Academy

Rue de la révolution 18


Studio 51

Rue des francs 51


First trimester of the 2020-21 season:

Mon 14th Sept - Sun 6th Dec


14, 21, 28 September | 5, 12, 19, 26 October | _ 9, 16, 23, 30 November


16, 23, 30 September | 7, 14, 21, 28 October | _ 11, 18, 25 November | 2 December


20, 27 September | 4, 11, 18, 25 October | _ 8, 15, 22, 29 November | 6 December


The Monday & Wednesday classes are taught in English by Sarah.

The classes are not translated, but on an individual level feedback and corrections can be given in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

The Sunday classes are taught in French by Hélène.

The classes are not translated, but on an individual level feedback and corrections can also be provided in English.

- OPEN DOORS: Free Trial Class -

Register here: https://forms.gle/NdFkbfEoJ8fKeugt7

In English

Monday 31st August - 19h - Fred Academy - with Sarah

Wednesday 2nd Sept - 19h - Fred Academy - with Sarah

Wednesday 9th Sept - 19h - Fred Academy - with Sarah

In English or French

Sunday 13th Sept - 19h - Studio 51 - with Hélène, language to be chosen by group

In French

Dimanche 23 août - 19h - Studio 51 - avec Hélène

Dimanche 6 septembre - 19h - Studio 51 - avec Hélène


Registrations are now OPEN!

Click here to fill in the registration form :)

Due to the exceptional situation in which we find ourselves, it is obligatory this trimester to sign up with a partner.

Click here to read a post about this change. and here is a Facebook group especially to help you find a partner!

Registrations will only be validated once both partners have signed up and named each other as their partner.

Please help us manage the process as smoothly as possible and don't sign up until you have found a partner!

Click here to read the small print/terms and conditions!



122 euros (one class per week)

136 euros (fair trade option)


85 euros (7 classes, valid 1 trimester)

94 euros (fair trade option)

Double trimester: It is not yet clear whether the covid measures will allow you to belong to two class bubbles. Please email Sarah dance@sarahforro.com if you are interested in the double trimester (two classes per week) and she will contact you once we have more information on this.


The current situation means that - both in order to dance responsibly and to respect the government guidelines - we have decided to limit the number of spaces available in each class. The costs, however, remain the same. We are also facing an increase in workload to comply with the government regulations and because many classes need to be completely re-planned to adapt them to the current situation.

To deal with this unfortunate combination of factors, we have decided to make two changes:

- a small increase (4 euros) to the standard class prices in order to keep the prices accessible to as many people as possible

- the introduction of a fair trade option whereby you can choose - and it is completely optional! - to pay a higher rate, if your own budget allows, to support us through this difficult time.


Let's be honest. Things are pretty unpredictable at the moment! We will bring you the same positive energy while - of course - respecting the hygiene measures in place to keep us all safe.

To achieve this, adaptability is key!

We've put together 4 different scenarios to adapt quickly and efficiently to any changes and to keep us dancing!

Scenario A: Mix it up!

In this scenario, some changing of partners will be possible! This will most probably be in small forró bubbles of two or three couples to start with. If anyone feels more comfortable staying with a fixed partner, we will ensure that's possible as well!

Scenario B: Get exclusive!

Everyone will be dancing with a single fixed partner and we'll respect physical distancing between couples. This will be a little different to the forró classes you know and love, but we'll be transforming these limitations into opportunities.

Scenario C: Change the scenery!

We might reach a point where classes can no longer run smoothly at Fred Academy and Studio 51. That's when we activate Scenario C. You and your partner continue dancing together, following the classes together online from one of your homes. We'll ensure you have lots of opportunities for questions, feedback and interactions!

Scenario D: Expand horizons!

We're crossing all of our fingers and toes that we won't have to face another complete lockdown. But just in case, we're preparing a cool selection of alternative topics to expand your forró adventures beyond the dance world. So far these include: a musicality course and choreographies, as well as some partner content for those lucky people who live with their dance partner. We're still working on this scenario, so send us your ideas and we'll combine them to create a cool programme!

Facebook post - 4 Scenarios (4).png



We are following the government regulations closely and regularly. Any changes during the trimester will be communicated to the students in class.

The measures currently include:

☆ Everyone must wash their hands before entering the classroom (both gel and soap and water are available).

☆ Anyone who is not feeling well must not attend class.

We are looking into how we can provide catch-up content for anyone affected by this to ensure you don't miss out by being responsible!

☆ The teacher and assistants will be wearing face masks.

☆ Students must wear a face mask upon arrival until the class starts, and put their mask back on once class finishes.

The recommendations for dance schools have not yet been changed but we are following this closely, given the recent requirement to wear a mask at all times in Brussels.

☆ Group sizes will be limited to provide each couple with more space to dance at a safe distance from others.

☆ We are currently in scenario B which means we will be dancing with fixed partners.

This may change during the trimester - read the Class Scenarios text for more info!

☆ There will be a gap of 15 minutes between classes to avoid crowding the dance studio and allow for ventilation and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces.

☆ We are required to collect the contact details of all students (full name, email, home address and telephone number) for covid tracing purposes.

They will not be used for any other purpose. They will be kept until 14 days after the last class of the trimester and then destroyed.