“Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order.”

– Samuel Beckett

And now you have danced, some resources to help you think!

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All resources are in English unless otherwise indicated

[FR] -> French, [PT] -> Portuguese.


[FR] Recueil Bilingue de Chansons - Tome 1 - download

[FR] Recueil Bilingue de Chansons - Tome 2 - download

Développé par le groupe Meu Forró Paraíso à Paris, ces deux tomes rassemblent plus de XXX chansons de forró traduites vers le français et accompagnées de plein de belles illustrations.

[mainly PT] Forró em Vinil - visit website

Mainly in Portuguese, there is also some English language content on the site. Forró em Vinil is a treasure trove of forró music, cultural information, stories and anecdotes. Navigating the site is not always easy, but once you're in you risk spending many hours on there! Ivan Dias, the site's creator, and many collaborators have digitized hundreds of hours of forró, especially from old vinyl record (hence the site's name) and these are all freely available to download. Go crazy!