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Letras do Forr贸: Vou Te Namorar - Dois Dobrado

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

This week, our song of choice is Vou Te Namorar by S茫o Paulo-based group, Dois Dobrado.

It's a relatively slow song, with easy vocabulary and lots of repetition, so a great song to start learning/singing in Portuguese.

Click here to read the lyrics.

馃幎 Click here to hear the lyrics read out loud with space for you to repeat them after each line.

馃幎 Now learn a little more about certain words in the lyrics: c谩, xod贸, remexer, namorar, cheirinho.

馃幎 And finally listen to a (simple, functional) translation into English!

The musical notes symbol means that this link will open an audio file in a separate tab. I'm working on a way to be able to play the audio directly from the blog post... If any techies can provide support for this, please do get in touch!


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