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Letras do Forró: Sanfona Sentida

Updated: May 20, 2020

Today we dive into another great forró classic: Sanfona Sentida, composed by Dominguinhos and Anastácia. In the video below, I talk about the song's 'storyline' and highlight some interesting vocabulary and sentences in the lyrics.

I recommend opening this link to the lyrics and keeping it to hand while you watch the video.

There are many versions of Sanfona Sentida: Listen to Dominguinhos in the video below or on Spotify in the Letras do Forró playlist (which grows each week as I add a new song). Try Anastácia's version from her Eu Sou Anastácia show in 2017 or discover Vingefang's original take on the song. Another favourite of mine is this live recording, from Dominguinhos, Mariana Aydar and Duani.

At the Baião in Lisboa festival in December 2019, Anastácia was the headline artist, and in an interview she talked about how Dominguinhos would compose the melodies then she would take them and write the lyrics. Anastácia and Dominguinhos were romantic and musical partners for many years, composing over 200 songs together. Many well-known forró songs were written by this duo including Tenho Sede, Eu Só Quero Um Xodó, Lá Vai Forró and other less well known songs that are worth checking out such as Delícias do Ceará, Fome de Carinho and Forró do Zé Perrita.

In this video, we go through the pronunciation of the lyrics, line-by-line, nice and slowly, with a space for you to repeat each line out loud. Enjoy!


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