Online Class Programme - Nov-Dec 2020

We've poured our dance enthusiasm and covid-frustrations into preparing this cool online programme for you! There is a mix of solo and couple classes, and a different topic each time.

And exciting news: I've invested in some new tech toys to provide us with better sound quality this time around!

Participation is open to everyone!

We've decided to make these classes open to everyone and to offer the possibility to make a donation to the association if your current financial situation allows you to.


Your contributions enable us to continue offering online classes as well as covering the association's fixed costs during this difficult period so we would like to say thank you in advance for your contributions. Every little helps!


We also understand that some of you may not be able to make a contribution at the moment - please join anyway and pay the good karma forward to someone else in the future in whatever way you can :)

For each class you would like to follow:

1) Click on "I want to register" and fill in the form.

2) You will receive an email straight away with the Zoom link included.

3) If the email doesn't hit your inbox, check your social/promotions/spam folder first then drop us an email at

4) Click on the Zoom link a couple of minutes before the class starts to join! We start on time, you have been warned ;-)

Practical Stuff

- All times are for Belgium (CET)

- One registration required per screen

- If you can't attend the class live, email to request access to the video recording.

- On a mobile phone, the dates may not show up correctly: scroll to the bottom of the page for a summary of all dates

- NB some dates/topics have changed since first published due to the new "lockdown" dates!

Tuesday 10th November - 19h

Follower Technique

In English with Sarah | Suitable for individuals

This one is especially for you followers! The world of following is vast and there are so many aspects to explore. Register and vote for the topics you most want to cover!

We'll work on the top three choices during the class and Sarah will share some special exercises for you to practice after the class.

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Dimanche 15 novembre - 19h

Vagues - Solo

En français avec Hélène | Participation individuelle

Découvrir comment organiser votre corps pour exécuter la vague parfaite.

Pour ceux qui ont un.e partenaire dans leur bulle, ne ratez pas le cours du 22 novembre - c'est le moment idéal pour continuer à s'entraîner et pour intégrer les vagues dans votre danse à deux.

Je m'inscris!

Wednesday 18th November - 19h


In English with Sarah | Suitable for individuals & couples

This is a musicality class with a difference! We'll turn the online format into an advantage by taking the opportunity to observe some top-level dancers in musical improvisations and analyse how they do it.

We'll discuss how they connect to the music as leaders & followers, and try out some of their techniques ourselves.

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Dimanche 22 novembre - 19h

Vagues - Couple

En français avec Hélène | Pour couples

Apprendre comment intégrer des vagues corporelles dans votre danse à deux, de façon confortable et expressive!


La suite parfaite du cours vagues en solo pour ceux qui ont un.e partenaire dans leur bulle.

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Mercredi 25 novembre - 19h


En français avec Sarah | Pour individus et couples

Voici un cours de musicalité un peu différent! Nous convertirons l'online en avantage, en regardant les improvisations musicales de quelques danseurs de haut niveau et analysant ce qu'ils font.

On va regarder comment ils se connectent à la musique - aussi bien les leaders que les followers - et nous essaierons quelques exercices basés sur leur techniques.

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Tuesday 1st December - 19h

Stages of Interaction

In English with Sarah | Suitable for couples*

Dance is a dialogue, but we're often lacking some of the tools required to really be able to communicate freely and creatively with our partner.

We'll train different types of communication with practical exercises, using the 4 stages of interaction developed by Sheila Santos to diversify your dance.

*Individuals without a partner are welcome to attend - the experience will be less complete but it remains a great opportunity to learn more about how we can interact in forró.

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Lundi 7 décembre - 19h

Technique Followers

En français avec Sarah | Pour individus

Ce cours se dédie à vous, les followers du monde de forró! Il y a tellement d'aspects qu'on peut aborder en tant que followers - nous vous donnons donc le choix! Lors de l'inscription, vous pourrez choisir les thématiques qui vous passionent le plus.

Pendant le cours, on va travailler sur les trois thématiques le plus choisies et puis Sarah partagera quelques exercices supplémentaires pour que vous vous entraîniez à la maison.

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Tuesday 10th November - 19h - Follower Technique

Sunday 15th November - 19h - Vagues Solo

Wednesday 18th November - 19h - Musicality

Sunday 22nd November - 19h - Vagues Couples

Wednesday 25th November - 19h - Musicalité

Tuesday 1st December - 19h - Stages of Interactions

Monday 7th December - 19h - Technique pour Followeurs