During this strange period of no hugs and social isolation, it is so important to keep the forró spirit alive!
I'll be teaching a short online class (30-45 mins) twice a week to bring us together and get us moving.
The classes will take place on Zoom: please read the following tips before joining a class to help things run smoothly.
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the schedule!

I think we all understand that these online classes can in no-way replace our regular classes which are full of hugs, contact, connection and community, as well as details, feedback, practice and explanations.

I hope that, for some of you, this can be a temporary solution to bring a little bit of the forró spirit and community into your home and help you reconnect to your body and your dance - which is fundamental to better connect to a partner on the dance floor.

For others, these online classes won’t float your boat. Perhaps they just remind you of the hugs we’re missing out on, or dancing alone still feels too daunting, or you miss the more detailed explanations and personal feedback. And that's ok. They are not designed to cover all the aspects of a physical, group class and if they don't work for you, I hope you're staying sane and keeping moving in different ways which suit you better.

This is temporary and in no time at all we will be back in the classroom and on the dance floor together - real hugs and physical presence guaranteed.

Between now and then, take care of yourself and look for the silver lining of this lockdown cloud ;-)

Dates & times
Mondays - 19h

Fridays - 18h + post-class apero

The classes start on Friday 3rd April and will finish on Friday 1st May (or later if the lockdown continues!)

Sign up

Registered students (Jan-Mar trimester) will receive the class link via email & WhatsApp.

Other Brussels forrozeiros can click on the link below and select JOIN (before 17:30 on the day of the class).

You will receive an email with the Zoom link at 17:30.

Fri 8th May - 18h class & apero

Access to classes

Monday classes are only for students who registered for the January-March trimester. This is in recognition of the fact that the last three weeks of the previous trimester had to be cancelled.

Friday classes are open to the full Forró Brussels community to give us all a chance to connect and enjoy some forró together! Dancers from other communities are also welcome.

I ask you all for your understanding and support to respect this distinction.


These classes are free. The aim is to keep dancing and stay connected as a community during this isolation period.


Depending how the coronavirus situation evolves, I may move towards a paid system with a different format in the future. I'll keep you up to date if anything changes on this front.

For now, just connect, dance and enjoy!

The classes will take place on Zoom. Please read these short tips to make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible for everyone.

In our first trial class, there were a few technical issues but it was generally agreed that the enjoyment and fun we had outweighed these small frustrations! I'm doing my best to improve these as we go along, but I ask you in advance for your understanding if we do hit any glitches.

And if technical or timing issues prevent you following the class, you can watch the recording of the session on YouTube the next day.

I will also aim to avoid fast songs and movements, as it seems like these are not easy to follow if there are slight connection problems.

There have been reports of meetings being gatecrashed or spammed through publicly available Zoom links, so I won't be publishing the link online.


To share the link to the class in a secure way, I will be creating a form for each Friday class. Please click on the link and select JOIN. You will receive an email with the Zoom link at 17:30 on the day of the class.


These classes will all focus on moving together, practicing our coordination, rhythm and style, and having fun.

Some classes will focus on a specific topic while others will be more general.


I will provide short explanations of the exercises, but given the online format there will be limited opportunities for questions and group interactions. If you have more detailed questions, please get in touch with me directly and I'd be happy to help!

No partner needed.